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A comprehensive digital delivery platform. That's what you get with TreoMedia, a subsidiary of TreoSoft. From PCs and tablets to smartphones and eReaders TreoMedia formats and delivers content, music, books, magazines, journals, and corporate collateral online to meet the needs of today’s mobile-centric consumers. We understand all digital channels, including Web, Mobile, eReader, RSS, and Podcast. Our products are designed to produce the best online reading experience anywhere, anytime.

We bring authors, artists, and fans together by driving action and creating value wherever books or music is experienced. Our goal is to deliver no-compromise fulfillment of our customers’ expectations and to supply high quality products and services for all media industries.

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With more than 20 years of legal practice, outsourcing and publishing know-how, and copy right patents, the TreoMedia Legal Solutions team delivers efficient and affordable legal support with a cutting-edge digital approach for corporations, legal vendors, authors, and artists.

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Author: Imdaul Haq Milan
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